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E-mail Auto-Responder

Our auto-responder will format your ada source code with iccfmt. Simply send email to iccfmt@irvine.com with the following information:

On the subject line, include the word iccfmt, followed by the flags for ICCFMT (see below). Note: Your mail message will not be processed unless it includes the word iccfmt in the subject line.
As the body of the e-mail, or in an attached text file, include the Ada source code to be formatted.

For questions, comments, or suggestions, send mail to iccfmt_admin@irvine.com

Warning: do not send any classified, proprietary, or otherwise sensitive code.

Note: You may also try ICCFMT with an interactive HTML form, if you have a forms-capable browser.

Here are the flags you may supply on the subject line of your message. See the documentation for more detail.

Flag Function Default
-help Display this command line help false
-quiet Execute quietly. false
-ada83 Recognize Ada83 syntax. false
Page Formatting Options:
-comment_column=(arg) Set column for comments. 40
-strip_comments Strip source of all comments. false
-context_column=(arg) Set column for WITH/USE clause. 1
-dotdot Pad '..' on both sides with spaces. false
-pad_aggregate Pad ()s around aggregates with spaces. false
-page_width=(arg) Set page width. 79
-parameter_align Align the parameter modes. 3
Indentation Options:
-indentation=(arg) Set default indentation. 3
-if_indent=(arg) Set indentation for IF statements. -indent
-for_indent=(arg) Set indentation for FOR loops. -indent
-loop_indent=(arg) Set indentation for LOOP blocks. -indent
-pragma_indent=(arg) Set indentation for PRAGMA statements. -indent
-while_indent=(arg) Set indentation for WHILE loops. untouched
Alphabetic Casing Options [upper, mixed, lower, untouched]:
-declaration_case=(arg) Specify casing of declarations. untouched
-keyword_case=(arg) Specify casing of keywords. lower
-object_case=(arg) Specify casing of ada objects. untouched
-unit_case=(arg) Specify casing of unit declarations. paragraph
Format Options:[single,multi,paragraph]
-aggregate_format=(arg) Format simple aggregate lists. multi
-enumeration_format=(arg) Format enumerated declarations. multi


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