PowerPC Target

What's Ada? What's a Compiler?
ICC offers embedded Ada for the PowerPC 5xx,6xx,and 7xx series with the following features and options:
  • Development Environment
    • Same Ada compiler for Ada83 and Ada95 code
    • Ada/C/C++ mixed environment options
      • Using Windriver (diab-sds) toolset
      • Using Tornado environment
      • Using GNU toolset

  • Debugging Environment Options
    • Using ICC full Ada debugger
    • Using Windriver (diab-sds) Single Step debugger at Ada source level through Ada demangler
    • Using GDB C debugger at Ada source level through Ada demangler

  • Ada Runtime Options
    • Bare (minimum Ada runtime)
    • Custom Executive
    • Off-the-shelf OS (LynxOS, pSOS, VxWorks, etc.)
    • For other possible runtime options, contact ICC

  • Current Host Options
    • PC Linux
    • Sun Solaris
    • Windows 95,98,NT,2000

See Motorola's fact sheets on the PowerPC microprocessor

View our ACVC 2.0.1 Validation Certificate 970630I2.0.1-047

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